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Photos of Projects...

With more than 20 years of experience under my belt, I have worked on a wide variety of projects. Below are photos of just a small sample of my work.

Kitchen Renovations

Updating the kitchen is a popular renovation. Before the cabinets can be installed, I completed new drywall of all the walls and ceiling including a bulkhead.

Opening up an existing wall is often a part of a renovation.


Basement Renovations

In this basement reno, after boarding, taping, mudding and sanding the drywall, the dust is typically everywhere. I use my own industrial vacuum to clean the work area.

I also provide industrial fans to help dry the the walls after applying the drywall compound. This shortens the time we must wait before applying a second coat—faster drying means the job is done sooner.


From Boarding and Finishing

The space before boarding

Boarding completed

Taping completed

Mudding completed


Ceiling Repair & Texturing


I am often asked to repair a textured ceiling. Perhaps the ceiling needed to be opened up to make a plumbing repair. Or there may be a leak in the roof. Often the first hint you have that there is a problem is staining on the ceiling.

Below, a piece of new drywall board has been cut to fit and is screwed in place . . .

The new drywall is tapped, mudded and sanded . . . then mudded and sanded again to make a smooth transition between the old and the new.

After the area has been closed off with floor to ceiling poly sheeting to protect the rest of the home, the repaired area is sanded and sprayed with the same texture as the rest of the ceiling. The key here is to match the new texture with the old so that it all looks the same.

Voila! You would never know there had ever been a hole in the ceiling. The repair is literally undetectable!


Commercial Projects

I have worked on many commercial projects—one of the largest was the The Anvil Centre Office Tower in New Westminster, BC.

The Anvil Centre Office Tower, New Westminster, BC.

It is a multiple-use civil facility.

My work involved drywalling a huge theatre, a large museum, a ballroom, display show windows, a dance floor theatre, and two 60 foot high atriums.

The work was completed over a seven month period.

The job Included miles of cornerbead, shadowmoulding, off-angles, round flexbead, taping, filling and sanding.

The rooms were expansive.

One of the more unusual requirements was to install and finishing cloud ceilings.

Cloud ceilings are ceiling sections that are partitioned so they are not actually touching one another—as if they are clouds in the sky.

As with most of the ceilings in this project, I worked on a lift to reach the high ceiling.



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